‘REJURAN Cosmetics’ continues its pivotal research for fundamental correction on several skin concerns from stress and daily life excesses with benefits in skin anti-ageing and regenerative skincare products.

‘REJURAN Cosmetics’ has a core component of ‘c-PDRN’, an ingredient based on the company’s patented technology of DOT™. PDRN, an innovative raw material extracted from Korean wild salmon, is reborn as an ingredient for cosmetic products made for professional skincare spa/clinic experience in the comfort of your home with this line of products.


c-PDRN is molecularly tiny enough to be delivered beneath the epidermis without injections and is clinically proven to boost collagen production, improve damaged skin appearance, reduce discolouration and inflammation, encourage cell regeneration, protect the skin barrier, improve elasticity, and reduce scarring.

What Is It?

  • Effective

    The skin improvement effects and safety of c-PDRN are proven in more than 2,000 publications.

  • Different

    c-PDRN® is a form of unique and exclusive ingredient developed by patented DOT™ technology and is USDA certified.

  • Rejuvenation

    Promotes self-collagen production on tired and damaged skin and improves skin elasticity by strengthening the skin barrier.

  • Natural

    Uses environmentally friendly natural ingredients to reduce skin damage caused by harmful ingredients to the skin.


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